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Why Join Our TRYBE?

We have declared war. Our enemy: Apathy.

That conniving temptress who goads us into inactivity, seducing us with reality TV and fatty snacks. The snooze button. The excuse wagon.

Well, we’ve decided to fight back. And we’re not alone. We are part of a TRYBE, a community based on the simple belief that life should not be wasted. That our spirit longs for adventure. That you only fail if you never TRY.

We welcome you to join our war against Apathy by becoming a member of our TRYBE community.

Share your personal stories of perseverance. Seek inspiration from others. Find articles and applications that will fortify you in your quest. Learn the battle cry.

TryChips. Waste Nothing. Try Everything.

We’ll see you outdoors,

Jerry and Tim

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Tell us about you and your efforts to TRY!

Where did you challenge yourself and hope to challenge yourself? What motivated you to TRY? Share your story with us and the TRYBE – if we use it on our website or in our newsletter we will send you a limited edition Try Chips Polar Water Bottle!