TRY CHIPS production/sales back and running again!!!!

New Post: January 25, 2013

Try Chips is running smoothly again after some time down due to our move to the Cream Ridge Winery and after Hurricane Sandy.  Orders are coming in again and Try Chips are there for you in all you TRY!!!!
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November 2, 2012 –

Due to Hurricane Sandy – Try Chips production is off line for a while and we are currently out of Try Chips.   Over the past few weeks we moved our production facility to Jerry’s family winery in New Jersey (Cream Ridge Winery –

As we moved into the new location Hurricane Sandy came along to disrupt our plans and our set up of new packing facility.  After another great month of sales in October we are almost totally out of our supply of Try Chips and waiting to pack more.   We are so sorry to inform you our TRYBE (Tribe) of this news and hopefully we will be back up and running as soon as possible.

If you have re-directed to this page – this means you were TRYing to order more Try Chips.   For now please email and let us know of your request to order more.. and we will keep you posted as to when our system will be back up and running.   Thank you so much for your patients and understanding during this time of adjustment for our new packing facility and during the challenges we face caused by the storm.

Thanks so much!   Tim and Jerry, The Try Guys!

In other News:

The Winner of the Try Chips Steamtown Marathon case of Try Chips is: Lu Flickinger – Congrats Lu!  Contact to claim your prize!  Thank you to everyone who joined our contest and came up to meet us at our booth at the Steamtown Marathon this past weekend.  We hope you had a great time at the marathon and enjoyed your TRY of Try Chips!   We hope you will join our TRYBE (Tribe) of Customers and see what TRY is all about!!! – Tim, Jerry and Jackie, the Try Guys!

The Winner of the Air Force Marathon Field Bag and Case of Try Chips is Marilyn Stewart.  You can claim your prize by contacting to arrange for us to send it to you! Congrats to all who participated in our contest and thank you to all who stopped by our booth at the expo.   We hope to see all our TRYBE soon at upcoming events!   THANK YOU TO ALL who helped us sell out of all our Try Chips at the event… we hope you will go to our website store and purchase more!

Last Post: August 30th –

The winner of the Wildwood Half Marathon Field Bag and Case of Try Chips is Danielle Gornish.  You can claim your prize by contacting to arrange for us to send it to you!   Congrats to all who participated in our contest and thank you to all who stopped by our booth at the expo.   We hope to see all our TRYBE soon at upcoming events!


The Winner of the Lake Placid Ironman Try Chips Field Bag and Case of Try Chips is Dana Meadows of Babylon, NY.  You can claim your prize by contacting to arrange for us to send it to you!   Congrats to all who participated in our contest and thank you to all who stopped by our tent at the event.   It was a wonderful week of meeting new customers TRYBE (Tribe) and watching all who participated in such an amazing event.   We are proud of our TRYBE members Tim, Todd, Andrea, David, Tim, Edna, Pete, Amanda and all the great athletes who swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles… what an Endeavor!!! Congrats!!!

Congrats to our very own Try Chips Tim, for doing his first Ironman at Lake Placid.   It was an Endeavor he always wanted to TRY and we are proud that he gave it his all!


The winner of the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon Expo – Try Chips Case and Field Bag is Lara Bonn.

Lara you can claim your prize by sending jackie@trychips a note and arrange for your prize to be sent.  Congratulations.   Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2012 KeyBank Vermont City Marathon Expo Contest.

The winner of the Flying Pig Marathon Expo – Try Chips Case and Field Bag is Cynthia Tanzi

Cynthia you can claim your prize by sending jackie@trychips a note and arrange for your prize to be sent.  Congratulations.   Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2012 Flying Pig Marathon Expo Contest.

May 3, 2012

Tim made Try Chips Crusted Organic Chicken for dinner and it came out great!  Recipe here in case you want to TRY!  When Tim’s kids were little he used to make them Captain Crunch Crusted Chicken as one of their favorites.  Very unhealthy by the way.  But he would take the Captain Crunch crush it up – use it like bread crumbs on the chicken and deep fry it.   He got a little healthier when he learned to bake it instead in the oven to take away the frying concept.

Talking with a TRYBE member at the St. Luke’s Half Marathon they suggested the Try Chips might make a great crust on fish and reminded Tim of the days of Captain Crunch.  In the kitchen he did his magic crushing up the Try Chips into little pieces and using them to bread the chicken.  The fruit really came alive in the oven with the olive oil.   The pineapple from Aspire really lit up the flavors as well as the apples, blueberries/acai from Endeavor and the strawberries and peaches from Venture mixed so well to make a perfect crust on the chicken.   Tim TRYED each of our flavors as he loves to experiment and Try Chips are the perfect ingredient to let your imagination soar!


Organic Free Range Chicken Breasts, 1 free range local egg, 1 pack of Try Chips your favorite flavor, olive oil, sea salt, organic milk, black pepper, black sesame seeds.

Take chicken breasts and dip in mixed egg mixed in bit of organic milk – take Try Chips crush up into little pieces as small as you like.  Dip chicken in the Try Chips mix and roll around covering the chicken completely.  Place chicken in baking dish on top of think layer of olive oil. Cook at 350 degrees F – for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on size of chicken breasts to internal temp of 165. Sprinkle with a little sea salt, black sesame seeds, black pepper and any other spice you like.  Serve with rice or black beans or both!  TRY ANYTHING!

















May 1, 2012

St. Luke Half Marathon Expo Try Chips winner announced!  Nancy Jo Mulry, you won the drawing… send us a note and claim your prize!

April 25th – Hyner View Challenge

Hyner View Trail Challenge, Renovo, PA.   Tim & Jerry ran the 25k (sort of ran) – joined by Tim and Jackie’s daughter Amanda and her friend Genevive.  Jackie ran (and yes she ran) the 50K!  This is one of the toughest events of the year.  Wow still feeling the pain in our legs after 4 days.  Lots of climbs and then as soon as you get to the top – go right down.  No one in PA believes in switchbacks – just up and down all day long.  We are proud to be part of such a great Endeavor – first class event put on by our good friend Craig Flemming and the PA Trail Dogs.   And to top it all off they buy 1400 packs of Try Chips to give to each participant… how could we be more honored than to be included in everyone’s packs!

This marks the 3rd year anniversary of Tim and Jerry incorporating Try Chips (Try Team LLC) – we took our logo idea to the top of Hyner View in 2009.  While running the event we decided to go forward on the company and filed our papers a week later in May 2009!  Three years later, we both are loving that choice we made at the top of Hyner View!

New Post April 17th:

We had a great time at the Martian Marathon in Michigan!  We can not TRY without our TRYBE and to help us Sandy and Erick Stiner really rolled out the red carpet.   How great – they fed us, housed us and worked all day helping us pour Try Chips.  The result a record sale over 700 packs of Try Chips sold!!!  We could not have done it without them! – As a small company starting out we love that our customers become our best friends.

This is why we have decided to stick to selling directly to our customers as best we can.  We can only make so many packs of Try Chips so instead of having them sit on a shelf someplace we sell direct to our friends.  To be a sustainable company we want to be able to provide the best service and product but also be part of our customers lives in all they TRY.   This is what the TRYBE (Tribe) is all about!







January 11, 2012

Our Trip Continues in South Carolina and Georgia before we head to Charleston, SC Marathon and 100K Bike Tour. While in Columbia, South Carolina we helped man the registration table at the Harbison 50K – this was a great way to meet each runner in person and give them a pack of Try Chips to TRY!  We traded race director Dan Hartley our services and Try Chips for everyone in exchange for letting Jackie and Tim run the event as a team.

We ran the 50K (25K each) Jackie ran it in 3 hours and 4 minutes – Tim ran it it in 3 hours 24 minutes.  (Total TRY TEAM TIME 6:28) – Sure was a fun day meeting new Try Chips TRYBE members – hearing their stories of TRY and connecting with folks who understand what TRY is all about!

Our trip is all about TRYING to be sustainable – so we are camping for about 90% of the trip and making our own camp cooked foods.   The first night was a bit cold (28 degrees) so instead of pitching our tent since we got in so late.. we just rolled out the sleeping bags and slept in the Jerry mobile.

Jackie has been doing a bang up job on sampling our Try Chips at the Earth Fare stores.   Usually what happens is Tim works in the Earth Fare cafe responding to e-mails and doing our posts and Jackie samples to customers who come into the store.   At the Columbia Earth Fare store Jackie sold out the entire stock of Try Chips the store had in less than an hour.














Starting January 3rd Tim and Jackie from Try Chips hit the road in our Try Chips Mobile and Wagon (Actually we took Jerry’s mobile and left the Try Chips mobile at home as it would not pull the wagon)

First stop Asheville, NC to visit with Earth Fare stores who now carry our Try Chips and meet with some new and old friends while in town.

Our first stop on the trip was to meet with our new friends at Chi Living.  Danny and Katherine are the creators of the Chi Running method and have really saved Tim’s knees for sure when he runs.   We are big fans and so nice to meet a couple who work together to make the world a better place to TRY!

We were so excited to meet with them, laugh a little and get to talk more with Gordon their new company strategist.

Our next stop brought us to two Earth Fare stores in Asheville, NC where Jackie spent a few hours handing out samples and letting folks who came to the store know more about all the great attributes of Try Chips!

We then stopped in to see our good friends at Fast Pivot – Matt, Daphne and Jonathan who helped us build our Try Chips online store.   They rock and help us get Try Chips to all our TRYBE (tribe) members in a fast and efficient way!

Our last day in Asheville brought a little challenge as we could not get the wagon back on the Jerry Mobile… As strong as Jackie is we had to turn to the other Jack to get the hitch up high enough to move on to Columbia SC.

This was our second challenge with the wagon as in Virginia we needed to stop and get new tires for it.   We sure miss the Try Chips mobile, but the wagon has way more room!





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