Our Story

Tim and Jerry (Co-Founders)

Waste Nothing.  Try Everything.

That is our battle cry! We have declared war. Our enemy: Apathy. Sadly, we were both once oblivious victims of this adversary. Couch potatoes, we were. Lethargic bystanders, content to waste away life in a mind-numbing way. So, we know all too well the conniving ways Apathy can goad you into inactivity. Creature comforts, fatty snacks, up all night and sleep all day (and not remembering much from the night before).

No more! There’s a big, beautiful, exciting world outside our climate-controlled walls. One with delicious, crisp air, melodic birdsong, brilliant sunshine, and you know what else? Roads! And rivers! And trails! And hills! And all kinds of avenues for us to fight apathy! To push our bodies past our boundaries. To find out what we’ve got inside, way down deep in the center of our guts. Wasting nothing and trying everything!

So we ran, we pedaled, we got wet, we skinned our knees, and we raced; slowly, always at the back of the pack, but we pushed ourselves, time after time after time, to our personal limits and beyond. After all the wonderful time on our feet, when our bodies were nearing peak condition and ready to be replenished with healthy nutrients, what did we find? Synthetic energy gels, salty snacks, high fructose corn syrup, refined and re-refined slime and bars with ingredients beyond names we could recognize.

In essence SUGAR CANDY.

When we looked for a good healthy snack we were astonished by the absence of natural food-based energy munchies that would help us reach our goals. Sure, we can appreciate the need for an elite athlete to consume hundreds, if not thousands, of calories and scientifically engineered ingredients to fuel their bodies, but not us. Not the everyday athlete just looking to get healthy, lose a little weight, and try something new.

When Lance Armstrong ran the NYC Marathon he downed 16 Gu Gels in his 2 Hour 46 Minute run – (1 every 12 minutes).   What would he do if he had to run a marathon in over 3.5 hours like most of us?* Might be good for Lance but hardly seems like good advice for someone running to lose weight, lower chances of diabetes, or strengthen the heart.

* 70% of NY City Marathon runners finished the marathon in over 3.5 hours in 2009 with average finish time of 4:24:42

After a lot of reading, researching, visiting with experts, and visiting farms to find the best natural ingredients that would fill the void in our bellies, we created Try Chips!

Try Chips are an all natural snack, enhanced with super foods carefully selected to replenish your energy after pushing your body beyond its personal comfort zone. Our final ingredient in our war against Apathy and of course our battle cry…

Try Chips. Waste Nothing. Try Everything.


The Joy of TRYING

Apathy is indifference, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of concern, dispassion and lethargy.  Apathy is truly the enemy.  Today more than any other disease Apathy is growing.  And while no scientific study will prove it is killing people – we at Try Chips believe it is the reason for the increased use of drugs (both illegal and legal), the reason for obesity and poor health, the reason for greed, a poor economy, war, hunger and hopelessness.

Apathy’s leader is the Ego – the part of us that makes excuses not to take action.  That makes us feel things like “My short-term comfort zone is more important than my long-term health.” “I’m not good at new things” “I don’t have the energy to make the effort”.

The opposite of Apathy is to TRY.

In general, people don’t want to TRY new things.  We tend to shy away from new adventures, new opportunities, meeting new friends, visiting new places and trying new foods.

At Try Chips we want to get out and TRY!  We are willing to subject ourselves to failure to be bad at something and TRY new things and letting the world laugh with us. We don’t want to waste our short time on Earth. We want to TRY anything with no fear of failure.

We don’t care if we fail, we just want to make the attempt and keep on TRYING.   An old Japanese Proverb says “fall down seven times, get up eight.”   Our goal is to relentlessly battle Apathy head on and conquer the fears and social in-activities that our Ego base society seems to promote.

For us it starts with a chip.   The greasy potato chip has long been an iconic representation of Apathy.  The image of a person sitting on a couch, remote in one hand, potato chips in the other – letting the world pass by.   This is where the phrase “Couch Potato” comes from.

Our first goal was to create healthy snacks for our everyday endurance made from fruit, beneficial to our health and to support our actions.   Our second goal is to find customers who have broken away from the strangle hold of Apathy – and gather together as a TRYBE to inspire change first in our hearts, then in our bodies and ultimately for our planet and our fellow man.

We hope you will TRY with us!

Tim and Jerry,  Try Chips – Waste Nothing. Try Everything.